BSK Skipper: Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Olympic Yacht Show

BSK Skipper: Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Olympic Yacht Show

BSK Skipper: Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Olympic Yacht Show 1600 833 Olympic Yacht Show 2024

BSK Skipper

Greece is a country blessed, with so many rich in culture & beauty islands and impressive beaches. However, the unpredictable Aegean Sea as it is calm and dreamful turns into a wild and difficult sea. It was against this backdrop that Mr Pavlos Stavroulakis followed a dream and launched his own boat company BSK marine in 2000. His sole mission: to create the perfect boat for the Greek sea and beyond.

The end of 2001 finds the company presenting her first finished completed model, SKIPPER 780 open, a boat that became a legend for the quality of materials, her floating and ergonomic arrangement of the deck.

BSK marine – since its foundation – has achieved a continuous and rapid progress and has created a remarkable history which makes Skipper boats synonymous to quality and seaworthiness.

Pavlos’ dream of the perfect boat has always driven the company people – throughout their history. And they get closer to achieving it every day with every concept, every development and every model. Along the way, they follow a plan, an ideal that unites them all. They refer to it simply as the Skipper Principle. The primary, fundamental principle is to always get the most out of everything.

But what makes a boat perfect for them.

A perfect boat is not necessarily the fastest boat, but Skippers have the highest top speed in all their models, as well as having incredible handling and stability.

A perfect boat is not necessarily a quality boat, but Skippers have the highest quality materials & accessories, installed in the most detailed way.

A perfect boat is not necessarily a boat that looks beautiful but Skippers are perfectly designed with design awards. (Red dot design award 2016: honorable mention for Skipper NC100s).

Advanced design, engineering and technology have all played an important part in Skipper boats’ success. The Research and Development department of BSK Marine is located in house. R&D department’s fields of work are related to the overall research and design of new models as well their accessories. This department is also responsible for the construction of the prototypes of models, their testing, as well as their improvement (of new or existing models).

Designing a Skipper Boat is a new challenge for Alexandros Stavroulakis every time.

A perfect boat is derived from a careful project which is studied in every detail before the construction. He sets the high standards from the designing procedure to the final boat and makes Skipper boats able to cover the needs of the most demanding users.

Having studied naval architecture and industrial design and also being working in the boat industry from an early age, he knows each detail and every step of the boat construction from the inside to the outside and has the ability to make a supreme design from inside out.

Manufacturing of Skipper boats is housed in BSK Marine’s facilities, designed to meet the needs of vessel construction. The controlled system of temperature and humidity, the ultra-modern ventilation system and the trailer trucks are some of the special characteristics that make Skipper’s construction more even.

The team

Each and every one of the employees represent the spirit of the company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless BSK Skipper’s potential is to grow. They go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

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