• Olympic yacht show
    07-10 October 2022


The Olympic Yacht Show participants
7764 MARINE77764 Marine83
Ζώης Ευσταθίου www.zois.gr
Amaltheia Marine www.amaltheiamarine.gr 55-56
American Marine www.americanmarine.gr 11
Atalanta Marinewww. atalantamarine.com 27-28
Athenian Yachtswww.athenian-yachts.gr 16-17
Athens Medical Group www.iatriko.grPremium Medical Partner
Begnis Catering, Premium CatererBegnis CateringPremium Catering Partner
Boat Wrapping www.boatwrapping.gr 67
Brooks Brothers Brooks BrothersENTRANCE - Premium Apparel Partner
CM TIME PASSION LTD cmtimepassion.com100
Crossworld Marine Services61-62
D. Koronakis SA www.koronakis.gr47-48
Ekka Yachtswww.ekkayachts.com18-20
Elgen Yachting www.elgenyachting.com 5-6
Elinoil www.elin.gr51
Elvstrom Sails Greece / AP Sails

ERMA FIRSTErma First 66
Eval www.eval.gr 72
Fast Sailing www.fastsailing.gr13
First Quality Yachtswww.fqyachts.com 31-36
Furuno Hellas www.furuno.gr 41-42
Hellenic Coastguard69
Hellenic Community of MonacoSupporter
Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE) Supporter
ID Yachts www.idyachts.com 71
Istion Yachting www.istion.com 23-24
Jaguar Land Rover, Platinum & Title Sponsorwww.jaguarlandrover.comJLR PAVILLION
KAFEA TERRA www.illyshop.gr45
Leadmar www.grandboats.gr68
Maritime Ventures www.maritimev.com21-22
Hydrotab www.hydrotab.gr70
MEKY www.meky.gr 52-54
Metropolitan College | Maritime AcademyMetropolitan College | Maritime AcademyEducational Partner
Motocraft SAwww.motocraft.gr57
Navi Oceandiswww.navioceandis.com 76-77
Nordic Marinawww.nordic-marina.gr 10
Okeanis Yachtswww.okeanisyachts.com 15
Olympic Marine www.olympicmarine.gr 37-38
Olympic Ribs www.olr.gr 81-82
Pantaenius Yacht Insurance | Bronze Sponsor www.pantaenius.gr 14
Pennie / Kimisoowww.pennie.gr
Praxis Yachts www.praxisyachts.gr 8-9
Rafnar Hellaswww.rafnar.gr 78
Ribco Marinewww.ribcomarine.com 79
Riginos Yachts www.riginosyachts.com 84-87
ROCK MARINEwww.rockmarineboats.com 74
Rouchotas www.rouchotas.com 25-26
Skipper-BSK Boats www.skipper-bsk.com 75
Status Yachtswww.status-yachts.com39-40
Sunseeker Hellas www.sunseeker-hellas.gr 46
Synergy Yachtswww.synergyyachtsales.com 12
Technohull SAwww.technohull.com 49
Thrace Labea www.thracelabea.gr 1-4
Vemar Yacht Coatingswww.vemarcoatings.com 29-30
Vernicos Yachtswww.vernicosyachts.com 43-44
X-Yachtingwww.x-yachting.com P-4
Yacht Club - All day Bar RestaurantFine Dining Partner
Yachtech www.yachtech.gr 58
Yamaha – Moτοδυναμική ΑΕΕwww.motodynamics.gr64-65
Orimasis www.orimasis.gr80

The list of the participants will be continuously updated

The biggest yachting companies will be present both in the land and in the floating section of the Show.

Send us an e-mail so as to participate at the Olympic Yacht Show

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