Nordic Marina


We specialize in premium Scandinavian motorboats


Nordic Marina is the official distributor of:

MAREX yachts for Greece: the multi-awarded Norwegian luxury motorboats manufacturer considered as a best in class for family cruisers in the range of 30 till 38 feet.

Hydrolift motorboats for Greece and Cyprus: the ultimate driver’s boat designed and manufactured in Fredrikstad of Norway, with a racing pedigree and design by Bard Eker (one of the most well-known industrial designers especially with his involvement with the hypercars brand Koenigsegg).

Nordkapp motorboats for Greece and Cyprus: the best-selling day-cruisers of Scandinavia characterized by the highest quality and finishing, fast deep-vee hulls and smart solutions.

Sting boats for Greece and Cyprus: the newest member of Frydenbo Marine, the Norwegian company behind Nordkapp. Sharing the quality philosophy and design approach of Nordkapp, Sting are the no-frills Norwegian boats.

We provide our customers with services that make boating hassle free, and we are committed to transferring to the Mediterranean the boating lifestyle of the North.
With headquarters our facilities in Koropi, Athens, our portfolio covers all the relevant services demands inhouse.



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