FastSailing: Bronze Sponsor of the 3rd Olympic Yacht Show

FastSailing: Bronze Sponsor of the 3rd Olympic Yacht Show

FastSailing: Bronze Sponsor of the 3rd Olympic Yacht Show 2500 2500 Olympic Yacht Show 2024

FastSailing is a modern and independent yacht charter company that offers exceptional sailing experiences for cruising, racing and corporate events. The company’s team offers high-tech innovative yachts that combine speed, seaworthiness, quality, and comfort in the world’s sailing paradise, the Greek seas!

FastSailing‘s team is led by Michalis Aftias, with a life-long experience in sailing on inshore 470s, offshore sailing yachts and local regattas in the Aegean. Michalis is an Engineer, with degrees from Greece (AUTh) and the US (MIT). From 2001 to 2004 he worked on international projects at a leading construction company based in France. This is where he came into contact with the oceanic sailing design trends on Minis 6.50, Class 40 and IMOCA boats, led by pioneering naval architects such as Sam Manuard, Marc Lombard, Pierre Rolland, Guillaume Verdier, Owen-Clarke, and Finot-Conq. The idea was ever since in his mind: combine the open-minded oceanic designs with cruising comfort, and make such yachts available to those whο demand unique sailing experiences in the most beautiful archipelago in the world, in Greece! The creation of yachts like the Pogo12.50 and Pogo10.50, was indeed the spark for the creation of FastSailing.

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